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When asked to curate and art direct for Warner Music's NYC Marketing HQ walls, in a few different sections of their office that had been closed during Covid, I jumped at the chance to present over twenty different artists that represent different styles and mediums of work that feel dynamic and musical. We identified these three artists to create unique work for: the Entryway, the Main Workspaces and Columns, and a Meeting Area in another section of the floor. Each of the artists are New York-based, have origins in graffiti, and have backgrounds tied to music in some form. We worked together on conceptualizing what kinds of textures and forms we could bring into the workspace that felt right with the interiors and the vibe of the marketing department as a whole.

Greg LaMarche for Warner Music
Handpainted on Wall
12' x 15'
David Ellis for Warner Music
James 'Bluster' Alicea for Warner Music
handpainted on walls
15'high x 30' long/2 walls